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Swiss research and politics show that the future will hold more than one single mode of driving and offer a diversity of alternatives instead. These alternatives will range from synthetically manufactured fuels, hydrogen, to renewable electricity. In terms of local traffic, research assumes that especially eletromobility will take on a leading role in the near future.


Bearing this in mind, I've decided to follow the course of these developments from 2020 onwards and offer driving lessons with the Tesla Model 3, so you can look forward to cutting-edge technology in my lessons.


On this website, you will find details on my driving school, which I've been running successfully for 25 years, as well as plenty of useful material on the topic of driving in Switzerland.


You can easily access application forms, study for the theory exam, find suitable exam dates, sign up for the first aid course or the driving sensitization here as well.


Have fun on my homepage.


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