10 Tactical Rules for Safe Driving

  1. Respect: keep distance
    Do not drive too close to other drivers.
  2. Distance: maintain distance
    Do not stay close to other drivers unnecessarily for extended periods.
  3. Isolate: maneuver cleverly
    Try not to affect others while maneuvering.
  4. Demonstrate: drive distincily
    Clearly indicate your intentions for other drivers.
  5. Tolerate: be prepared for other’s mistakes
    Instead of lecturing other drivers, help them in difficult situations.
  6. Prepare: drive considerately
    Do not block traffic unnecessarily.
  7. Contrast: be visible 
    Make yourself visible for other drivers.
  8. Calculate: expect surprises
    Be prepared for mistakes made by other traffic participants.
  9. Route: recognize boundaries
    Plan the way you expect to participate in traffic.
  10. Ration: maintain reserves
    Use your fuel efficiently and maintain reserves.



I wish you all a safe journey!