Driving at the age of 17

Everyone acquiring their learner’s permit before their 20th birthday are bound to a mandatory learning phase of 12 months. Therefore, it is important that you apply for your category B permit at the right moment.


Transitional Regulation

Were you born in 2003? If so, you need to apply for your learner’s permit by the end of 2021, if you do not wish to have a 12 months learning phase.


The Right Timing

Apply for your learner’s permit art the right moment. If you wish to drive a car without the «L» on your 18th birthday, you need to apply for the learner’s permit at age 16.5.


19.5 years old – What now?

Wait until your 20th birthday before applying for your learner’s permit. If you apply earlier, you are bound to the 1-year-learning phase.


The Learning Phase 

The goal of the learning phase is to gain experience. I recommend that you complete a basic professional training at the beginning of your driving education and deepen this knowledge with private driving.


I wish you all a safe journey!