Basic Theory


Solid knowledge of driving theory is essential for passing the theory exam and especially important for navigating traffic safely as a driver. 


Theorie 24 - the best way to prepare for the theory exam


The online portal Theorie 24, which you can access through this page, offers the best preparation for the theory exam. For the price of 29 CHF, you can work your way through the online training and prepare for the exam during the period of 2 months. (Payment over telephone bill or credit card).

The best way to approach the theory exam is studying the theory book first . Then, you can test your knowledge on original exam questions set by asa, which are constantly updated on the portal. If you chose to study on Theorie 24, you also get a voucher for 50 CHF off on a driving school.

Sign up here and get started!


Theory Book


Incase you prefer a hard copy for studying, “Driving Today” by Alfred Trachsler is very informative companion book (available at your local bookstore).


Theory course / Individual Lessons


Are you struggling with studying or understanding the theory? No problem - in just a few individual training lessons, I can coach you to pass the theory exam in a breeze. Usually, no more than 1-2 lessons are necessary. Get in touch with me if you are interested and I will gladly help you with the next steps. You will find the prices here.



I wish you all a safe journey!