Theory Exam


In order to pass the exam and to properly navigate in traffic, you should acquire comprehensive knowledge of the basic theory.


Theory Exam Preparation


Theorie 24 is an extremely useful educa-tional portal for exam preparation. For the price of 29 CHF you can use the webpage during a two-month period. The portal offers both the entire theoretical background and exercises. The most effi-cient way to approach the theory entails consulting the online theory book before solving the original ASA test questions. If you sign up for Theorie 24, you also receive a 50 CHF voucher for driving school (payment by credit card or phone billing). You can sign up here.


Theory Book


Incase you prefer a hard copy for study-ing the theory, “Driving Today” by Al-fred Trachsler is very informative com-panion book (available at your local bookstore).


Theory course/ Individual Lessons


I also offer individual theory lessons for specially for exam preparation, incase you have any difficulties learning and understanding the theory. Usually, only 1 or 2 lessons are necessary. Contact me here if you are interested and I will gladly assist you. You will find the prices here.


I wish you all a safe journey!