Terms and Conditions


  1. Each driving lesson lasts 45 minutes and consists of the outline of the lesson, followed by the practical component, the review and finally, the scheduling of the next lesson.
  2. Set lessons are binding and have to be cancelled at least one working day or 24 hours in advance. If this is not the case, they will be billed.
  3. The DRIVING SCHOOL MÜLLER reserves the right to terminate contracts. Students bear the same right.
  4. Net payment of the driving lessons is to be made in cash or by payment slip to DRIVING SCHOOL MÜLLER within 30 days of the invoice date. If the student has decided to pay by instalments, an administration fee of 15.- will be demanded per instalment.
  5. Late payment will be charged an additional interest of 5% from the invoice date. Costs for invoice copies and account statements are 10 CHF, those for a final request for payment are 20 CHF and are to be paid by the student.
  6. Unpaid lessons are valid two years from their date of payment.
  7. Unused lessons will be refunded (except in the case of coupons).
  8. The price of lessons is non-negotiable, irrespective of the student’s choice of vehicle (either belonging to the student or to DRIVING SCHOOL MÜLLER).
  9. All bills must be settled by the practical driving examination at the latest. DRIVING SCHOOL MÜLLER reserves the right to cancel practical driving exams. The practical exam is worth three regular driving lessons.
  10. If the meeting point for the lesson differs from the agreed one, the student is responsible for the travelling expenses.
  11. The administration cost (insurance) is obligatory. The cost of 150 CHF covers a time period of up to two years and is non-refundable.
  12. DRIVING SCHOOL MÜLLER’s prices are subject to change.
  13. Students are obliged to bring their learner’s permit to every driving lesson.
  14. Changes of address and phone numbers must be reported promptly to DRIVING SCHOOL MÜLLER.
  15. If a learner’s permit is revoked, students must inform DRIVING SCHOOL MÜLLER immediately.
  16. Students may be charged for fines resulting from their own faults.
  17. The place of jurisdiction is 8304 Wallisellen.

I wish you all a safe journey!