1. First Aid Course


The first step in your driving training re-quires visiting a first aid course. The course certificate is valid for 6 years.


2. The Application Form


You can download and print the applica-tion form 103 for a learner’s permit here. Please fill in the form appropriately.


3. Eye Test


It is necessary to take an eye test at a cer-tified optician in order to apply for a learner’s licence. Remember to bring along your learner’s permit application form. The eye test is valid for 2 years.


4. Road Traffic Department


Submit your completed application form, including an eye test, a passport photo-graph, your identity card/residence permit and your first aid certificate, to either the road traffic department or the residents’ registration office. The application form can be issued one month before the appli-cant’s 18th birthday at earliest. Further information about the road traffic de-partment can be found here.


5. Basic Theory


The next step lies in learning basic driv-ing theory. If you are already in posses-sion of a licence of the category A, or sub-category A1 or B1, you will not have to retake the theory test.


6. Theory Exam


You can sign up for the theory exam online using the PIN and the PID you re-ceived in the authorisation letter for the theory exam. The test may be taken one month after reaching the minimum age requirement (category B: 18 years, A1: 16 years).


7. Learner’s Permit


After passing the theory exam, your learner’s permit will be sent to you by mail, if you have passed the minimum age requirement. In any other case, you will receive your learner’s permit, once you have reached the minimum age re-quirement.


8. Driving Practice


You may now begin with your driving lessons. It is also possible to practice with individuals who have had their licence for a minimum of 3 years and who are at least 23 years of age.


9. Driving sensitization


You must enrol in a driving sensitization (Verkehrskunde) course, preferably to-wards the beginning of your driving in-struction. You can sign up here.


10. Driving test


In order to complete your primary in-struction, you have to pass the driving test, which is held by the experts of the road traffic department. The test is usual-ly held in the car you practised with. All in all, you have three chances of taking the exam. If you fail both your first and second attempt, your driving skills will be evaluated. After failing a third attempt, you will have to pass a test to prove your suitability for driving. You can find addi-tional information on the driving test here.


11. Probation Period/WAB-Courses


Passing the driving exam will provide you with a driving licence on probation over the period of three years. During these three years, you will have to take 2 additional advanced training sessions (WAB-Courses). After handing in the confirmation for visiting the courses at the road traffic department, you will re-ceive your permanent licence, once your probational period ends. You can find additional information on the advanced training courses here.


I wish you all a safe journey!