Driving License on Probation


Duration of probation


The trial period concludes within three years, on the condition that no traffic violations leading to the withdrawal of the driver’s licence were committed. The latter would lead to an extension of the trial period.


Receiving the permanent driver's licence


Once the trial period has ended and you have attended the two mandatory advanced training sessions, you will be issued your permanent driver’s licence. Your application can be sent to the registration authority after your attending the second course. You will not have to complete another examination.


Duration of the advanced training


The advanced training is split up into two course days and lasts 16 hours altogether. It is legally required to attend the first session within six months of obtaining your permanent driver’s licence. The second session should be visited before the end of the trial period at your preferred course organiser.


Content of the first session


You will experience the significance of the braking distance, the importance of keeping distance whilst driving, as well as the importance of cornering speed on a training site. You will be shown how to avoid dangerous accident scenarios. Examples of accident scenarios will demonstrate the various causes of accidents, as well as the legal, financial and social repercussions they carry.


Content of the second session


In the second session, you will complete a so called “Feedback drive”, during which other course participants will give you feedback on your driving technique as passengers. In addition to the knowledge you acquired during your first training session, you will take an in-depth look at environmentally friendly, energy saving and cooperative driving, as well as your own behaviour in traffic.


Advanced training costs


The overall price of the sessions is equivalent to the price of 8 driving lessons from an instructor.


Consquences of incompletele advanced training


The training must be completed during the probation period. If this is not the case, the holder of the driving licence will loose all qualifications and driving privileges in his licence. You can make up the advanced training during a timeframe of 3 months, if you submit a fee-based application. You will receive a separate piece of driving authorization from the road traffic department restricted to the dates of the two training sessions. If you fail to participate in the sessions during the extended time period, you will have to resubmit an application for a learner’s driver’s licence and retake both the theoretical and the practical driving exam.


Withdrawal of the driving licence during probation period


If the holder of a driver’s licence on probation violates traffic law and consequently looses the licence, they will be subject to probation period extended by a year with a complementary temporary licence. If the withdrawal takes place after the probation period, you will receive a new licence on probation, with the trial period ending a year from the date of issue. If the driver’s permit holder commits a second violation that leads to the withdrawal of the licence, the licence expires. This is also the case if the licence is already permanent and the holder was unaware of the second violation. This form of expiry affects all categories and subcategories. The same applies to special categories, if the licence holder cannot guarantee that there will be no future violations using a vehicle of a special category. Otherwise, the admission board will issue a licence of a special category.


Consequences of a new cancellation of driving licence


After the withdrawal of a licence following the violation of traffic laws, you must wait at least a year from the date of violation, until you can reapply for a learner’s permit. Additionally, you must send in a traffic-psychological assessment of yourself, which confirms your mental suitability for driving. After passing the driving exam, you will receive a new driver’s licence on probation.


I wish you all a safe journey!